A Brief History of Lapel Pins

Lapel pins have become immensely popular nowadays. Despite being impractical little pieces of metal attached to your clothing or item, they still serve a purpose and can attract many people which is the reason for the development of its popularity today.

In our previous posts, we’ve shared a few things on the different uses of lapel pins in the society, especially to brands nowadays. In this post, we’re going to back to the early days of its uses and see how lapel pins started and evolved into the cute pieces of accessory and promotional item they are known for today.

You may have noticed that many lapel pin manufacturers are  based in China. That is because these pins started in China during the Yuan Dynasty. Badges/pins were worn in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s during protests by non-conformist youth in China. Since then, different metalworking and enamel techniques emerged and were developed over the years to make other accessories, housewares, and other decorative items.

Since then, the pin movement continues to evolve. Years ago pins have been used to decorate tees and backpacks by students, making simple items look a lot more colorful and cool. Because of this trend though, lapel pins have entered the fashion world tremendously, and have been popularly used as brooches both in formal and casual wear. Weddings, company events, and other formal get-togethers use custom lapel pins attached to people’s suits. Denim shirts, plain tees, and other clothing items are also being decorated with custom lapel pins.

Today, huge fashion brands, such as Chanel, Nike, and other big brands lean on the use of lapel pins as promotional items, improving the image of pins to become cool and fashionable. Recently, Nike announced a new shoe model using lapel pins attached for a more funky streetwear design. Beauty brands like Benefit also make use of lapel pins. Undeniably, big and small business invest in lapel pins to either promote their brand, award their employees, or sell to gain more profit.

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