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The Best Custom Tie Bars

The custom tie bar is one simple accessory that can make or break your entire corporate look. When you want to stay on-point on how you look on meetings and seminars, then having your very own custom tie bars is a great choice.

Our custom tie bars are about more than just not putting a hole in your tie. These rhodium plated beauties are all about expressing who you are, where you’re going and what you’re here to do. The perfect custom tie pin, complete with laser engraved designs, can serve as the perfect family memento featuring your family crest, or be the ideal personalized gift for a client, reminding them of the special relationship you share.

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Our wholesale personalized gifts mean the more you buy, the more you save.

Tie Bars: The Perfect Personalized Gift

Do you want to unify your team with a simple, subtle accessory? Or commemorate something special, like a new business partnership? A custom tie bar can offer you a unique and fun way to do this while serving a useful and stylish purpose. Need some ideas on what to expect? Click HERE now!

Our custom tie bars are not just a waste of your money. This simple piece of accessory can make your special day more meaningful and memorable. May it be your wedding day or when you want to attend a corporate event, a custom made tie bar will definitely be a great addition to your final look.

Get Creative With Custom Tie Bars or Tie Clips

With an array of shapes, finishes and room for a variety of logos or text, we can help you tweak your tie bar to perfection in order to achieve the ultimate personalized gift.

It is symbolic! Custom tie bars and cufflinks bring emphasis to a fortified relationship. Be it in business or personal, our intricate metal works can send that message for you. Just bring your ideas and we’ll do the rest, giving you the ideal, memorable gift that will be worn with pride.

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Do You Want To Customize Your Tie Bar?

The team at MetalX are here around the clock to help you work on the little details that will make your custom tie bars stand out from the rest. For added detail to your symbolic item, you may consider where else can you accentuate your custom tie bars. Perhaps, a custom cap is not a bad idea. take a peek HERE and get more!

Every gentleman should have our custom engraved tie bar or custom tie bar logo collection in their list of accessories. These accessories are necessary pieces for a gentleman to have in their own wardrobe.

Our custom tie bars or tie clips are designed to follow the latest trends, so you are assured that this piece of accessory will never go out of style.

Fashionable and Functional Tie Bar

Dress to impress with our custom tie bars that are both highly functional and fashionable. Keep your tie in place and stop worrying that your ties are moving around.

Are you a sports fan? Our collection of bespoke tie bar and cufflinks set that features your favorite team is a good choice for you. Or perhaps you love comics and want to have a simple piece of accessory to show your favorite hero? Then our custom tie bars that can be printed with your favorite superhero are your best options. MetalX is your one-stop shop for all your custom made tie bars accessories.

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