5 Tips On Wearing Tie Bars

Tie Bars are small accessories used to clip the tie to the shirt to keep it from detaching or being blown away. They are practical pieces of jewelry but have also become fashionable and stylish. Tie bars or tie clips can now easily make a look for elevated and polished. These days, tie bars are customized to different styles and platings to compliment the colors, metals, and even fabric of the wearer.

However, there are some key rules to wearing these accessories. In this post, we share to you some tips to consider when wearing tie bars:


Aim for a tie clip or tie bar with a length that’s approximately 70-80% of the necktie’s width.

When you decide to wear a tie bar, you need to check the proportion of it to your necktie. The ideal length is 70-80% of your tie only. It can be shorter, but it can never be longer than that. Heck, don’t use a tie bar that is longer than the width of your tie.


Position the tie bar between the 3rd and 4th button in your shirt.

You can’t just place your tie clip anywhere. The best placement is between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt. It will lose its functionality if you clip it too high and will not neatly keep your tie in place if you clip it too low.



Match your tie clip to the other metals in your outfit.

If you want to look extra stylish, sophisticated, yet still classy and not overly doing too much, then your tie bar should match the metals of your outfit such as belt buckle, watch, and cufflinks. For instance, if you prefer gold, then wearing a gold watch and a gold tie bar will complement each other and will give you a polished look. Some would also have their cufflinks and tie bars customized and match to look more stylish.


Avoid the angled tie clip.

Some purposely clip their tie bar diagonally or in a certain angle, which is improper and just a no-no.


Do not forget to clip the tie bar to the shirt, not just to the tie.

We get that tie bars nowadays are fashionable pieces to look for trendy, but they are still used for a good purpose, and that is to keep the tie in place. Not clipping them to the shirt will only lose their purpose and functionality. Just make sure to keep the practicality in place so no one laughs at you.


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