Best Type of Metals For Custom Accessories

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Looking for custom accessories also means getting to choose a wide variety of metals to choose from in making your personalized pieces. Metals have been used in making jewelry for a long time, eventually leading to the discovery of the best type of metals to work with, depending on the accessory you want to make them with. Whether it’s for tiny custom cufflinks or bold pendants, metal is a preferred material for making your precious jewelry and accessories. You may choose from a long list of noble and base metals, but here are three of the most common that you can see in your average jewelry stores.



Gold is a very soft but strong material that is easy to work with, besides being a great choice when pulling off a timeless, elegant look. In its purest form, 24 Karat, you may have to spend more to get your hands on your custom made accessories. Luckily, you have options that give you the same quality of this beautiful metal at a cheaper price. Pure gold is a bright and shiny shade of yellow, but white, green, and rose gold varieties are also available. 



Being durable and long-lasting makes silver another great material for your custom metal accessories. Custom pins, custom cufflinks, and custom tie bars can be commonly seen in silver form. Although this metal gives off another beautifully elegant look, it has a higher chance of tarnishing without proper care. Silver also comes in its purest form along with cheaper options like sterling silver. Silver is also a personal favorite for those with cool skin tones in which it looks best on. 



Platinum is not a common choice, but it could be your best choice if youre looking for the most durable without worrying about tarnishing. This metal is rare and therefore expensive, making it a great choice for your most precious jewelry and accessories, like wedding rings. Platinum is silver in appearance and best paired with diamonds and other gems. 


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