Custom Tie Bars: Functional and Stylish Accessories

Custom tie bars are functional and stylish accessories

You may be used to completing your whole look with a nicely fitted suit and a patterned tie that compliments your shirt. But if you want to elevate your whole look with a classic shiny accent, then you may consider adding a custom tie bar to take your dapper outfit to a whole new level. This piece of metal does not only hold a name of a mere ‘accessory’, but it serves a great purpose as well. Custom Tie bars or tie clips mainly help ties stay in place by clipping them on the shirts in the chest area.

Classic tie bars usually come in plain silver or gold, which look like big versions of paper clips. However, these days, these clips now come with appealing designs or small accents which started the rise of producing custom tie bars to suit all the different styles of fashion enthusiasts out there.

Custom tie bars are functional and stylish accessories

Companies have also started recognizing the benefits of tie bars being added to their company uniforms with their tagline or logos attached. These tie bars do not only contribute style and function, but also project a positive image to clients, improving the overall brand image.

One thing to consider when choosing a tie bar design is the width, which should be a bit shorter than the width of the tie. If too long or too short, the tie bar may not compliment the necktie aesthetically.

Whether for business or personal use, custom tie bars definitely are recommended pieces to add to your overall suit-and-tie look.

Custom Tie Bars from MetalXCustom

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