Custom Tie Clips vs Custom Tie Bars: The Difference and the Better Option

Custom tie clips and custom tie bars, especially ones curated specifically to your style, are an essential component of any business or formal ensemble. You have the option of having the pattern of your choice printed on a selection of different kinds of custom tie clips. Depending on the effect that you want to achieve, you can have a comically oversized logo positioned on custom tie clips or tie bar of different size. When it comes to creating a piece that stands out from the crowd, you also have the option of selecting custom tie clips in either silver or gold. Thus, it’s evident how much choices are associated with incorporating custom tie clips and custom tie bars in your wardrobe. Thus, here’s where differentiate both options and assess which one’s better.

Custom Tie Clips

Accessories have, since the beginning of time, had the potential to take a boring outfit and re-engage its elegance, aesthetic, and personality. This potential has existed since the beginning of time. This class is easily identifiable by the presence of a teeny-tiny tie clip, which exudes a refined air despite its diminutive size. Tiny brackets made of metal, gold, ruthenium, or fabric that hold the curve of your tie in place and subtly enhance your personality without yelling it from the rooftops. As a result, custom tie clips have become an essential component of men’s fashion in both the late and modern eras.

Why Use Custom Tie Clips in Your Ties?

There aren’t many men’s accessories that, despite being created with the intention of achieving a particular objective, still fulfil that primary function. The knot tack, rivets, clasp, clip, slide, or velcro, or whatever title you want to give it, it still fulfils its purpose, however, custom tie clips also have a multitude of supplemental applications that can be used with it.


Men typically choose to adorn themselves with a piece of jewelry, such as cuff links or custom tie clips, in order to look more put together.

Protects the Pristine Condition of your Neckties

When you hunch over the dinner table, there is a greater chance that your tie will come into contact with the plate or food that you are using. The use of custom tie clips eliminates the risk of this happening.

Helpful for Untying Knots in Ties

If you prefer the look of popping tie knots, which are knots that don’t recline on the blouse but instead knock up a little, custom tie bars and custom tie clips can assist you in maintaining the popped knot for a longer period of time.

Excellent for Doctors

When examining a patient, a physician will frequently need to lean over, and if they are not wearing a vest or their corporate ties, it is possible that these items will come into touch with the patient. As a direct consequence of this, you have the option of wearing either a tie with custom tie clips.

Custom Tie Bars

One of the most intricate yet subtly sleek custom metal accessories is the tie bar, also known as the tie clasp. They originated as a small metal pin during the Victorian times and now serve the purpose of preventing ties from flapping in the wind or causing food to become contaminated. The teeny pins did not last very long because they leave eye holes on the ties; consequently, custom tie bars were created as a straightforward solution to this problem.

Custom Tie Bar Placement

The custom tie bars for your tie should be positioned so that it is directly over your sternum. Your sternum is the long, flat bone that is located in the middle of your chest. You can easily find it by placing one hand on the centre of your chest and feeling around with the other. The place where you should fasten your tie is known as the sweet spot, and it should be situated directly below the third button on your dress shirt.

Custom Tie Clips vs Custom Tie Bars

Shortly after the introduction of custom tie bars and the subsequent rise in popularity of that design, a new, even less complicated design emerged in the form of custom tie clips. When observed from the front, both of these unique custom metal accessories give the impression of being quite similar. However, the details of the back and the manner in which they are usually worn are where the distinctions become apparent. The traditional type of custom tie bar is designed to retain your tie in place by means of a sort of hinge that clasps onto your tie. On the other hand, all that is required to wear custom tie clips is, as the name of the accessory might suggest, to merely push and open the tie clip into position.

Custom Tie Clips vs Custom Tie BarsWhich is the Better Option?

Both serves a parallel utility, thus choosing between the two boils down to preference. The only difference to take note between a tie clip and a tie bar is that the former opens up like a jaw and uses a spring to secure the tie to the shirt, while the latter simply slides over the tie and the shirt.

Here in MetalX, included on the list of accessories that every gentleman ought to possess is either our custom tie bars or our custom tie clips collection. These accessories are essential components that should be present in the personal wardrobe of any gentleman.

Because the custom tie bars or tie clips that we make are created in accordance with the most recent fashion trends, you can rest assured that this component of your ensemble will never go out of style. Get started with us today!