Get Creative With Custom Pilot Wings

Pilot Wings, or also known as aviator badges, are worn by aircrew who have become qualified after their aviation training and assessment. These badges are symbols of their achievement and success in the industry. Aircrew, especially the pilots, work hard to become qualified, competent, and skilled to pass their trainings and these custom pilot wings pins serve as gifts for their hardwork and skills.

These days, these badges have become commonly known and worn in different aviation companies. They’re either made as pins or patches. Because of the increase of their popularity, plenty of designs arose for the people to choose from. May it be silver, gold, copper, or antique, different platings and finishes can be chosen along with different shapes and sizes.

Companies, in other industries and sectors, are starting to recognize the use of pilot wings. Because these badges represent achievement, businesses also turn to this type of pin to award their employees. McDonald’s Australia, for instance, has partnered with us, MetalX, to creative these custom pilot wings badges for their crew who probably have passed their training. Despite being in the food industry, they decided to design pilot wings for their crew.

We also created these tie bars shaped as aviation badges for our client. Instead of the usual pins of patches when creating pilot wings, this client opted pilot wings to be clipped in the ties, making it very unique and exceptional.

Indeed, pilot wings have become more than mere badges exclusive to the flight industry. It has become a symbol of accomplishment and victory to many. People have started to get creative in custom pilot wings. If you’re looking at getting your own badge for yourself, for your team, or for your friend, then MetalX Custom can help you make a creative piece. Simply send us your design, concept, of brief, and we’ll start to turn your visions into reality. Contact us here.