History of Tie Bars

Tie Bars

Small but eye-catching accessories like the tie bars instantly elevates your whole look and make you seem more put together. That is why this popular accessory has been known for decades and still holds a great deal of recognition up to this day. It may not be widely popular in other countries just yet, but the western countries have adapted to using these pieces to add more style and personality to their look.

We believe that tie bars need even more recognition because of its functionality. Its main purpose is to keep the ties in place and helps avoid getting blown away. These days, tie bars does not only function as mere clips to the ties, but they also serve as accessories to add more sparkle and sophistication to any look. Some purchase it for only for the latter purpose.

Tie bars’ popularity started in the 1800s when ties became a staple in the corporate and fashion scene. These tie clips were used to secure the ties during outdoor activities, in a decorative and stylish manner. Until the 1960s where ties unfortunately became less popular, these accessories somehow became outdated as well. During these years men’s fashion style became more hippie that the normal suit and tie look was less trendy. However, in the 21st century, the tie bars made a comeback along the return of the suit-and-ties look.

These days, tie bars are generally used in the corporate setting not just for its functionality, but also for its ability to serve as promotional items for the business. More and more companies invest in products that showcase their brand and improve their awareness to the public. Different products are being added to corporate uniforms and the tie bar seems to be on the top list of items to invest on. Brands acknowledge the use of tie bars with their brand logo molded or added into them. This is the exact reason why tie bars are commonly customized and personalized, rather than being purchased on their own in malls and department stores. They are usually made to order for a specific company who wants to venture into marketing their brand with promotional items or to add style to their uniforms.

Custom tie bars now come with many options for customization. One can choose different styles, platings, finishes, and can add their logos or even brand names however they like it. The possibilities are almost endless when customizing these awesome accessories. If you’re looking to get one for your own or for your team, you can find tons of online shops that offer great tie bars at competitive prices. MetalX Custom lets you create your own tie bar easily by asking you to provide your logo or concept and choose from the different styles and finishes shown in the website. If you need more info on how to go about it, simply contact us here.