How To Wear Custom Cufflinks in Different Occasions


Wearing custom cufflinks is a sure fire way to elevate your style and turn heads in any given party. However, it is also important to take note of the appropriate cufflinks to don on at a certain party. In this post, we give you some tips on the right cufflinks to use in order to look well-suited to the event.


Black Tie Events

When attending a black tie event which is a formal occasion, it’s important to keep things simple and classy. Black Tie Events are the common events where people don on a classic pair of custom cufflinks to compliment the outfit. You may be tempted to use decorative ones but you must use formal styles of cufflinks, may they be silver or gold for a formal sophisticated look. Aims for a good balance between stylish and simple so don’t choose a very boring cufflink as well. Make sure you look elegant yet minimal for this special occasion.


White Tie Events

White Tie Events, like weddings, are even more formal than Black Ties, and are a perfect time for you to wear custom cufflinks. An elegant pair will help you achieve a simple yet classy vibe in whatever type of white tie event you’re in. Choose sleek and sparkly ones that give off a luxurious vibe for the highly formal occasion and we’ll guarantee you will be looking sophisticated and dapper.


Wearing Cufflinks with Tuxedos

This may not be a common occasion but there will always be time when you have to wear a tuxedo. This is another formal event and a chance to rock your favorite pair of cufflinks. With tuxedos, your best bet would be silver or metallic cufflinks that will complement your tuxedo. You can be a little creative with the design but do not go overboard. It’s important to focus on complimenting your tuxedo for an oversll high-fashion look.


Wearing Cufflinks to Work

If you’re not quite sure whether it’s appropriate to wear cufflinks to work, then we’re here to tell you that you actually can! Cufflinks are primarily made to hold the cuffs of your shirt together, and serve as accessories too. If you are required to wear formal attire or uniform with a tie, then we say why not. You can even impress your colleagues (or better yet, your boss!) with your own unique style.

The cufflinks you should use must match the type of dress code you have. If your office has that fun working vibe then you can definitely use funky and creative cufflinks to match your spontaneous personality. Or you can keep things neat and professional with some simple studs in silver or gold but will still turn heads in the office.


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