Knowing These 6 Secrets Will Make Your Custom Made Coins Design Look Amazing

Making custom made coins sounds easy, right? You would be shocked. Designing custom made coin medallions involves more than just slapping a logo on and calling it good. There are many options, and they might be overwhelming. Whether you’re creating for your company’s first custom made coins or just the most recent in a long line of coins, knowing these secrets will speed up the design process and increase the impact of your custom made coins.


1. Think About the Purpose Of The Custom Made Coins

Get a sense of the audience you’re making this coin for and the significance of your custom coin design. What is the purpose of this coin? Is it honoring a particular deed or service? Is the coin a representation of pride and unity? All challenge coins have a purpose, whether it be to raise money for a good cause, pay respect to a fallen comrade, or simply to honor a single good deed. You are creating a symbol, and symbols serve a specific function.

2. Know Your Audience

The most crucial piece of advice for creating custom made medallions is to identify your customer. Is there a specific charity benefiting from this event’s proceeds? It might be for a yearly athletic event or for promoting your company. Numerous individuals attend major events. You should select a style that each of them shares and serve as a reminder of your business.

3. Know the Concept of Your Custom Made Coins

Before sending them off for production, sketch out your concepts, gather your content, and come up with a few different iterations of what you envision. What symbols or pictures should you use? What text or colors should I use? And how can you truly get people to relate to a piece of metal? It takes more than just sticking a logo on a coin to create a great challenge coin. It’s best to begin your design with a distinct concept before submitting your ideas to your trusted partners like MetalX.

4. Options for Plating Matter

The choice of coin plating determines the aesthetic and tone of your entire design, whether it be gold, silver, polished, or antiqued. especially if your design is fully die struck or uses few colors. The choice of plating, which can range from a cooler appearance to a warmer tone, serves as the backdrop or canvas for your entire design, so you should consider how your metal selection will affect the design’s overall appearance. Some of our best work has discovered intriguing methods to incorporate font and color choices with a coin’s inherent plating to provide a novel appearance.

5. The Use of 3D Molds for Texture and Detail

It’s nearly always preferable to have those details captured using a 3D cast if your custom made coins’ design is based on a photograph of a person, building, or extremely-detailed sketch. There is nothing better for capturing texture and detail than having those details molded in 3D, even if you can definitely make fantastic designs with a conventional 2D cast.

6. Measure The Actual Scale Of Your Custom Made Coins

The actual scale and dimensions of custom made medallions or custom made coins are among the most difficult things to visualize, thus we make sure to provide a scaling reference in all of our graphic proofs. Making sure the scale of your coin designs suits the final appearance of your order requires taking the time to actually measure out the scale of your design using a ruler or other measuring tool. This is particularly crucial for coins that have really intricate or elaborate designs since if you order at a scale that is too small, the coins may become too little to look at.



The last thing you want is for your employees to feel underappreciated, especially when it comes to employee recognition initiatives. Custom-made coins remove all doubt in the circumstance. The employees and guests at your event will keep their personalized coins considerably longer than they will ordinary gifts. Custom made medallions reinforce your message every time recipients look at them because they are easily customized with the colors of your organization and engraved with a name. We apply an enamel sealant to give the paint a glossy finish and prevent the nicks and flakes that could result from regular wear and tear.


Custom made coins used as business cards is one application that is constantly expanding. Every time they are used, these coins draw attention. Businesses have been thinking about how to stand out with their business cards for a while now. That issue is resolved when those cards are actually coins.


This one is straightforward: if your custom made coins are interesting enough, some competitors will look for it and collect it, much like they would money, stamps, or baseball cards.  The problems and issues involving business card custom made medallions or coins have already been extensively discussed on this page, but if you have additional inquiries that aren’t addressed there, please contact our sales team. They are more than willing to respond to any queries or worries you may have.

Put Your Custom Coin to Work for You

One of the most fulfilling aspects of our jobs at MetalX is seeing a custom coin come to life from a concept to a finished product. But keep in mind that these coins are intended to serve your needs and serve as a symbol of your own character and ideals.

Make sure the final design is something recipients can relate to and has a catchy design they’ll appreciate looking at, whether you see these coins prominently displayed or carried in back pockets.