Types of Tie Bars

If you’re not familiar with the different tie bars clips you can choose, then this post will help you.  Learn the different types that fit with your style and look.

Tie Tacks

Tie Tacks are traditional, old fashioned type of tie clips. This type of tie bar uses a pin to pierce the material of the tie, much like a lapel pin. When using this tie bar, coarser fabrics like wool or cashmere should be used to as not to leave holes or marks in the ties. This type is not very common already, as there are other types that have evolved and are easier to use which we will be explained next.

tie bars

Hinged Tie Clip

This type of tie bar, which has two bars that are attached by a spring mechanism, has become the most common and popular type of tie bar. It is much like a crocodile’s mouth, as you simply pinch one end to open it and slide it onto the shirt and tie to clip. This type is usually more secure as has more pressure thus keeping the ties in place.

tie bars

Non-Hinged Tie Clip

A non-hinged tie clip is another popular type of tie bar that works like a money clip. You simply slide in the clip that is bent in a U-shape and push the two ends together to clip the tie to the shirt. When using this tie bar, it is best to use thicker fabrics for both your shirt and tie to increase pressure, otherwise the clips won’t be properly secured enough.


Skinny Tie Clip

Skinny tie clips must be paired with skinny ties. It is a basic rule that your tie bar should not exceed the length of your tie. If you use this tie bar with a regular tie, there might not be enough security to keep the tie in place.


Thicker Tie Clip

If you prefer wearing thicker ties, then you would obviously need thicker tie clips as well to match and keep them in place. Since your tie is thicker, not only will you need a thicker tie clip, but you might also have to look for a heavier material for the tie bar to properly hold the tie.


Silver Tie Clip

A silver tie clip will be a classic color that you can wear up with almost anything. It can be matched with vibrant colored ties to tone down the look, or even neutral ties to keep the simplicity if that’s what you’re going for. You will sure to keep a silver tie for years as it will not go out of style.


Gold Tie Clip

Gold tie bars work with warmer tones of your tie such as red and maroon. This is another classic piece that you can match with many ties, either plain or patterned so long as they match together.

Black Tie Clip

If you want to keep it plain and simple, a black tie bar will be your best bet and will not let you down. It all depends on what look you’re after. If you like your tie clip to be obvious, you can pair it with a light colored tie. Some people also like to hide the tie bar by matching it with a dark colored tie.

Whichever tie clip you’re going after, MetalXCustom can create custom tie bars fit for your style and look. Easily customize your tie bar with your preferred design or logo to make it more personal. Hit us up here!