6 Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Enamel Cufflinks

Enamel cufflinks are a fun and lovely piece of jewelry, but it’s crucial to take good care of them so they endure for the rest of your life and beyond! You may find some advice for maintaining and cleaning your enamel cufflinks in our guide below.

The majority of cleanings may simply be completed at home if hiring a professional is not your preferred option. However, wearing your enamel cufflinks thoughtfully is the best way to take care of them. Here are some preventive measures for your custom cufflinks to not look too worn out in the long run.

  1. Keep your enamel cufflinks apart from other jewelry and in a spotless area. The cufflink box is perfect for keeping them organized and separate.
  2. Avoid swimming with your enamel cufflinks since chlorine can tarnish gold and sterling silver.
  3. Keep a silver or gold cleaning cloth in your desk drawer to remove any possible cufflink smudges caused by workplace dust.
  4. If your enamel cufflinks are made of gold or silver, you may carefully clean them with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth or a professional gold or silver cleaning solution. If you need to get into nooks and crannies, use an old soft-bristled toothbrush or a cleaning tool. Utilize a gentle polishing cloth to clean sterling silver. Use the same procedure if you also have valuable stones or pearls, but take care not to leave them submerged for too long.
  5. Avoid putting cleaning agents on stainless steel or enameled cufflinks since doing so might damage the chemicals used to make them. Instead, carefully scrub them clean with a gentle polishing cloth. However, cleaning these devices is often not necessary frequently.
  6. Long-term maintenance of your enamel cufflinks is made simpler if you store them in a jewelry box. By doing this, you may avoid oxidation and tarnishing, which are reactions caused by oxygen. Additionally, it keeps them out of the sun and heat, both of which can harm them. Each pair should ideally be stored in a separate container to prevent damage to other jewelry.


You will have carefully considered the design, colors, and style before purchasing custom made cufflinks for your organization, club, or business. It would be inappropriate to include some simple cuff links or tie bars when your crew is looking amazing in their coordinated custom made cufflinks. To complete the effect, you actually need some custom cufflinks or custom lapel pins. Here are a few ways that this might help you and your business.


You may come off as dedicated to and proud of the company you are representing by wearing custom cufflinks and tie lapel pins that match the design and style of your custom ties. This demonstrates to others that you are a capable group that are concerned about their image.


You may personalize and adapt a large selection of MetalX cufflinks to suit your needs. The varieties of cufflinks MetalX provide are as follows:

  • Cufflinks made of antique nickel
  • English-made cufflinks
  • Enamel Cufflinks
  • Horse Cufflinks
  • Gold cufflinks with enamel
  • Metallic gold cross
  • Cufflinks in gold plating
  • Decorative Cufflinks
  • Unique Cufflinks
  • Metallic cufflinks


Accessorizing is necessary to make a smart outfit complete. If you want your staff to be on style, tie clips and custom cufflinks are a must-have in mens fashion and should not be overlooked. You might decide to have your own logo on the cuff link or just pick anything that encapsulates who you are as a team and what you do.


The cloth must be folded back in half in order to accommodate the extra-long cuffs on these shirts. Cufflinks are a great option for keeping these cuffs in place. You must make sure that your cuffs are properly tucked in and that the buttonholes are lined up before fastening your enamel cufflinks. You must make sure there is room for your enamel cufflinks to pass through when you pinch the two sides of the cuffs together.

  1. Lift your wrist up to your chest so you have easy access to your cuff with your other hand.
  2. Pinch both sides of your cuff together so that the slits of the fabric line up.
  3. Starting from the outside, slide the back of your cufflink through both layers of fabric. The emblem of the cufflink should be facing away from you.
  4. For bullet back and whale back enamel cufflinks. Rotate the bar horizontally so that both sides of the fabric are fixed in place.


Look no further custom cufflinks made by MetalXCustom can reflect your fashion sense, personality, or brand. Send us your design, brief, logo, or even just a basic concept, and we’ll work with you to create that stylish appearance you’re going for. To get started, send your design to us here!