Why Choose Custom Metal Accessories

At MetalX, we give you four creative options of custom metal accessories to choose from: custom cufflinks, custom lapel pins, custom tie bars, and custom pilot wings. All four can be the perfect gift or giveaway depending on the situation and setting. You won’t make a wrong choice when choosing either of these. But what makes each one stand out among the rest?




Custom cufflinks are probably one of the best ways for men to accessorize with something that is also fully functional. These jewelry replace the dull buttons on your shirt cuffs. They come out with an ornamental look to complete your formal attire. What makes custom made cufflinks stand out even more is the fact that some of these are especially made to become family heirlooms, passed on from one generation to another. 




The uses of custom lapel pins are endless. They are the most popular among all the custom metal accessories on this list. If you have a lapel pin maker within reach, you have the chance to get creative with any design you can possibly imagine. Then, you can attach your lapel pin on your shirts, jeans, or bags, and wear it anywhere! Their decorative attributes make up for the lack of practical function of lapel pins.




Custom tie bars or tie clips are another kind of accessory common among men, and another one that serves a function when being worn. The main and only purpose of tie bars are to hold your ties in place, but don’t let this stop you from coming up with your own designs like a custom engraved tie bar or custom tie bar logo. Their minimalistic and subtle look is what makes tie bars distinct compared to other accessories.




Because of their origin as Aviator Badges for those who accomplished a particular training in military aviation, custom pilot wings produce a sense of strength, authority, and professionalism when worn with your corporate attire. From being military insignias, custom aviator badges are now widely used in the commercial airline industry and even in other businesses. You sure won’t miss when your flight cabin crew passes by with a distinguished look from their pilot wings pin.


We have all of the custom metal accessories listed above available for order. Just choose the type of accessories, send us your design, and wait for the production to complete. We’ll ship your custom metal accessories to your doorstep in no time and for free!