3 Things To Consider When Choosing Cufflinks

choosing cufflinksYou may already have observed the wide variety of cufflinks one can choose from. Because of the number of types and designs of cufflinks, it may be imperative to consider a few things when matching them with your outfits. In this post, we share the 3 things to consider when choosing cufflinks in order to properly pair them with your overall vibe.

1. Purpose or Occasion:

It is important to know the type of occasion you will be attending – is it a formal occasion or an informal one? When attending formal events, it is best to use classic pieces and neutral colors for elegance and sophistication. Small crystals and sparkling details would make it even more astonishing and would compliment your look. For lesser formal occasions, you can opt for fun and unique designs with striking colors that can easily be noticed. You may have them customized to your own quirky design to suit your personal vibe and show off your personality.

2. Colour:

Many opt for the safest colors – silver, gold, and black, as they can be matched with different colored suits and ties and are safe for any occasion. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate color in your accessories as well as this can instantly elevate your style and make you look less boring. Bright colored cufflinks are also perfect to match a monotone outfit. They will instantly stand out, impressing everyone around you. You can start with enamel filled cufflinks in red, yellow, and blue to start. Especially if you pair your cufflinks with your tie, you will surely look stylish and trendy.
When choosing cufflinks as a gift, we suggest going neutral to be safe – silver, white, black, and even white are great to be given away to your friend or family. You can never have too many classic cufflinks in neutral shades to pair an outfit.

3.Interest or Preference:

Lastly, when choosing the design of your cufflinks, you may have to rely with your own taste and interest. For shapes – do you prefer round or square? You can get more creative and stylish by getting custom cufflinks in different forms such as a cufflink with a photo of your loved one, or a cufflink shaped as your brand logo, or your favorite cartoon character. Many offer different themed cufflinks for a fun accessory to your outfit. Whatever you prefer, you can easily have your cufflinks customized to satisfy you.

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