3 Tips on Wearing Pilot Wings

Pilot wings can definitely help you raise your brand awareness for your flight crew. Customizing pilot wings these days have become more fun with many options to choose from, from the design of the wings to the shape of you center accent. No matter how you design them, these pins are perfect to add a final touch to your pilot uniform.

In this post, we share some tips on wearing pilot wings to fully look your best and to properly strut those awesome custom pilot wings of yours.


Keep it professional

The most successful pilot wings are those showing sharpness and simplicity in design with a few unique details from your brand logo to make it fully stand out. It is best to keep things simple and neat to show more professionalism. Too many details will only make it too complicated, and may not be able to showcase your brand properly. It is important that your brand logo is clear and can be easily noticed. If your brand name is quite long, we suggest using abbreviation or just the company logo to make it less complicated.


Consider your color combinations very well.

Make sure that your custom pilot wings represent your brand correctly; therefore you need to make sure you’re selecting the right platings and finishes for the pins. We suggest going for silver and gold to make them look classy, but dye black and other finishes can also be options depending on your brand colors.


Make it fit

Your custom pilot wings should also fit to your uniform very well – which means they should be facing forward and not leaning down. You need to make sure that the best quality materials are used especially for the locking mechanism at the back of the pins. Depending on your uniform, you may choose the butterfly pin option or magnet. If your pilot wing is too heavy as well, then it may be pointing slightly towards the ground. That is why it’s recommended to follow simple designs so as not to make them heavy.


Pilot wings


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