High End Lapel Pins: 4 Signs You Should Invest

Around the year 1271 AD, it is presumed that artists from ancient China were the first to conceive and craft the first high end lapel pins, according to historical records. Contrary to popular belief, these creations were not traditionally worn by troops until the 17th and 18th centuries. Beginning in the early nineteenth century, lapel pins were first seen affixed to the shirts and suits of the world’s wealthiest and most elegant gentlemen in Europe, and eventually, throughout the rest of the world. And, even now, these pins are considered a stylish accessory.

While any store-bought pin can facilitate you in recreating this vintage look, handcrafted high end lapel pins elevate the level of elegance and style to a whole new level. It is no surprise that these widely used items are becoming increasingly expensive. In the long run, custom lapel pins can become extremely expensive — nevertheless, they can also make excellent gifts and personal investments. Custom lapel pins can be created with artwork, branding, logos, and designs that are unique to you. They make a fantastic addition to any suit jacket collection.

High end lapel pins made to order can be beneficial to both men and women. Personal and professional suits alike will benefit from their inclusion. You could incorporate your company’s name and emblem into a lapel pin that you may wear with your professional clothing, for example.

Types of Lapel Pins

  • Boutonnieres

Buttonnieres were used before lapel pins came into play, and they are still used up until present. For weddings and prom, a boutonniere is an authentic flower that is placed in a buttonhole.

  • Flower Lapel Pins

The boutonnieres’ replacement is the flower lapel pin. These pins are designed to look like flowers, however they are composed of materials such as polyester, satin, and wool. These are some of the most popular lapel pins that you may encounter on any given day these days, according to the statistics. They are available in two different shapes: pins and stick pins.

  • Stick Pins

These pins have a metal body that is both long and thin, and they are manufactured of a special alloy. The lapel is typically located at the top of the pin, whereas the needle and cap are typically located at the bottom of the pin, as seen in the illustration.

  • Mini Pins

These sorts of lapel pins (also known as enamel pins) are composed of metal and are more subdued in appearance than any of the other types of pins discussed above. A short pin is used instead of a stick that is pointed downward and threaded through the lapel; the pin is secured with a butterfly clasp.

Now a question comes to mind, with the sophistication attached to these fashion statements, is it really worth every dollar? Well, to suffice your doubts, here are 4 signs on why you should invest in high end lapel pins.

1. Attention-Grabber

In the course of an introduction or chat with a business acquaintance, it is hardly difficult to miss on a lapel pin. Custom lapel pins, worn on the lapel of a company representative, serve to remind the busy or weary guest of the firm’s name and brand, thus helping to reinforce its identification. With a plethora of options, including popular soft enamel lapel pins and maybe bright lanyards, viewers are immediately alerted to the fact that the individual wearing the lapel pin can answer inquiries and provide information about the organization.

2. Gift-Worthy

When utilized in conjunction with business events, attractive lapel pins, including those with accompanying lanyards, still fulfill another important function. It is possible to provide guests with a lapel pin as a memory of the event, which will act as a tangible reminder of the occasion while also serving as a prompt to continue to contribute in or to consider participating in the organization. A number of investing companies and people collect souvenirs from organizations, such as swag gifts, business cards, and lapel pins, to display in their offices.

It is recommended that the pins be kept on hand as a visual reminder and as a handy source of contact information for an organization and its representative. In fundraising scenarios, special gift pins for donors at various levels can also be given out during recognition events or presented to donors on an individual basis, if desired. As keepsake gifts for high-level donors, these are more expensive, often fashioned by professional jewelers, and may contain costly metals or gems as a display of appreciation for their generosity.

3. Enticing

In addition to comical, nostalgic, and current designs, lapel pins are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The pins help to promote the company’s brand and create an image that customers will remember for future transactions. Colors and designs are virtually endless, and there is a wide range of forms and sizes to choose from to best suit an organization’s style or to coordinate with a certain fundraising event theme, for example. It is possible to acquire custom lapel pins that are all the same style or a variety of types that are coordinated to capture the curiosity of attendees.

4. Dapper Look

What is one of the most significant advantages of high end lapel pins? Look sharp and make a good impression on your friends and colleagues! Embroidered lapel pins exude elegance, sophistication, and class. With a simple lapel pin, you may elevate any basic sport coat or jacket to a higher level of sophistication. A personalized lapel pin may be precisely the thing you’ve been looking for to help you make this major transition!

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