5 Tips and Tricks for Wearing Custom Tie Bars to Promote Your Brand

On occasions, the most significant achievements are those that are accomplished on the smallest possible scale. Accessories have, from the beginning of time, had the power to take a monotonous outfit and re-engage its flair, aesthetic, and character. This potential has persisted since the dawn of time. This class is easily identifiable by the presence of a teeny-tiny tie clip, which exudes a refined air despite its diminutive size. Tiny brackets made of metal, gold, platinum, or fabric that hold the curvature of your tie in place and softly enhances your personality without yelling it from the rooftops. As a result, custom tie bars have become an integral staple of men’s fashion in both the late and modern eras. And if brand visibility is where you’re eyeing at, then you might want to check out these 5 tips and tricks for wearing custom tie bars to promote your company and utilise custom tie bars to its maximum potential.

Tip 1: Where Do You Position Custom Tie Bars?

Even though there is a wide array of styles and colours available for tie bars, they are conventionally all used in the same position. Place the tie bar over your sternum by positioning it between the third and fourth buttons from the collar of your shirt. This will ensure that it is in the centre of your chest. Make sure that the bar is positioned so that it is midway between the loop of the necktie and the first button of the suit jacket. This is a good rule of thumb to follow. Collectively, you should also make sure that the clip is horizontal and that the tie is straight so that the overall effect is one that is neat and symmetrical.

Tip 2: What Width Looks the Most Appealing for Custom Tie Bars?

For the contemporary gentleman, a tie bar should extend across the width of the tie between fifty percent and three quarters of the way. It is recommended that you select a tie bar that has the same width as the width of your tie if you are going for a vintage or retro look. It is strictly forbidden to wear a tie bar that extends further than the width of your tie; if you do so, then might as well get rid of custom tie bars from your entire wardrobe to save yourself from an unmatched corporate look.

Tip 3: How Do You Complete Your Look with Custom Tie Bars?

There are many different kinds of tie bars. Brush up on how to wear them so that your outfit stands out from the crowd and appeal to budding clients.

  • Implement distinctive designs – Try a tie bar with a whimsical shape — moustaches, tidal currents, and sunrises are common choices for tie bar designs. Custom tie bars do not have to be made entirely of metal and be in the form of horizontal bars.
  • Combine the metals – You can synchronise your custom tie bars with brooches or studs when dressing up for formal occasions, or you can coordinate it with the material and shade of a chain or belt buckle for a more daring style. If you are donning a gold or silver tie bar, try to complement the colour and material to other metallic features in your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a gold tie bar, try to match the colour to the material of your belt buckle.
  • Complement accessories – Adjust the hue or pattern of your custom tie bars so that it goes well with the rest of your accessories, such as your belt, suspenders, or pocket square.
  • Have fun with the colours – To inject some life into your ensemble, give a colourful tie bar a try. This is especially effective when worn in conjunction with a basic button-down dress shirt.
  • When dressing more casually, you should wear a tie bar – You may also wear custom tie bars with overcoats or blazers to pull together an outfit that is somewhere between classy and informal. To create a look that is on the cutting edge of fashion, tuck a button-down shirt into tight jeans, throw on a piece of knitwear that is more relaxed, and have some fun with a personalised tie bars.

Tip 4: Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Custom Tie Bars

Remember that the function of custom tie bars is to secure the knot of the tie to the collar of the shirt, and that it does so by hooking into the sleeve of the shirt. This is a crucial detail to keep in mind. Some men wear their ties inappropriately because they assume that the purpose of the tie bar is to simply keep the small and large ends of the tie together but, in fact, the tie bar’s function is to guarantee that the tie is securely connected to the shirt.

  • Keep it simple but exuding with elegance – If you want to avoid looking tacky, you should steer clear of wearing custom tie bars that are themed after Goofy or sports and have enormous logos or anything else of the such. Begin with a plain clip in silver or gold that does not have any further embellishments added to it. After that, you can embellish the necklace with semiprecious stones and other elements. And in incorporating your company logo, make sure not to embellish it with so much details so that its professional appeal remains.
  • Vests with Ties: If you wear a vest and still want to put on a tie bar, make sure that you wear it discretely beneath your vest; otherwise, it is simply too much, and you should omit it from your outfit. Because the vest will, to a significant degree, perform the same role as a bar.

Tip 5: Acquire Custom Tie Bars in MetalX

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