Custom Enamel Pins And Gentlemen’s Fashion

custom enamel pins

You might have seen these on grandmothers, aged aunties, veterans, and even club officials, and members- custom enamel pins have been a symbol of stature, membership, and achievement throughout history.

Though it does not serve any practical function, unlike cufflinks and tie bars, lapel pins are basically for aesthetics and a sign. For men’s fashion, enamel pins are intrinsically associated with “looking good” and classy. It is also a simple hack to separate your office suit from your formal attire like those worn at weddings and similar events.

There are lapel pin makers like MetalXCustom that give importance to their customers’ purpose of wearing their custom enamel pins. These types of customer-centric are what avid lapel pin users are looking for. For most lapel pin fans, their custom-made pins are miniature reflections of their personality, advocacy, mission, and among other symbolism, that they want to communicate to people through a touch of elegance visually.

Fashion critics suggest that one’s lapel pin offers people a peek into a gentleman’s “colorful” thoughts, beyond the settled look they portray through their custom-tailored suits.

From some tacky design to the most tasteful, lapel pins, along with men’s fashion, have also evolved through time. English actor and producer, Jason Statham, has this to say: “Suits change a lot – the wide lapel thing, the fashion trends, the trousers change.” Though its general design may have developed, its fundamentals have remained unchained, leaving a strong foundation on its clear purpose and objective.

Though “formal gatherings” dress codes do not require you to wear a custom enamel pin, there are a handful of those high-end and exclusive bars that require you to wear lapel pins for a specific reason.

Wearing a lapel pin that looks out of sync can be disastrous and could look like a cheaper accessory than of class. Lapel pins are not unnecessary additives to a suit but a well-purposed and designed item that would complement a dashing gentleman’s overall look.

Most lapel pins are placed on the left side of suits, normally inserted on a special buttonhole. Such suet design for such minute detail gives weight to how important custom enamel pins are for men’s formal wear. There are a lot of designs and sizes which you could search online based on your inclination. Remember, custom enamel pins are not just simple ornaments but a reflection of who you are.

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