Custom Tie Bar 101

custom tie bar


The custom tie bar, or tie clasp is one of the most intricate but subtly stylish custom metal accessories. Starting out as a little metal pin during the Victorian Era, they function to prevent ties from flying in the wind or ruining your meals. The tiny pins did not last long as they leave holes on the ties, hence, the creation of the custom tie bar as a simple solution.




Soon after the birth of the clip-on tie bar and its rise to popularity, an even simpler design came into existence – the tie slide. Both types of these custom metal accessories look similar when viewed from the front, but the appearance on the back and the way they are worn is where you can see the difference. The traditional custom tie bar uses a sort of hinge and clasps onto your tie to hold it in place. On the other hand, all it takes to wear the tie slide is, as its name implies, to simply push and slide the tie bar in place.




Normally, custom made tie bars have a width that ranges from half an inch to three inches. You can easily tell if you are wearing the wrong sized tie bar with your tie – either the tie bar extends further than the tie’s width or the tie clip isn’t wide enough to keep your tie in place. The ideal place for the tie bar to reach is at around ¾ of your neck tie’s width.



custom tie bar


The tie clip should be placed exactly right over your sternum, which is the long flat bone at the central part of your chest. You can easily locate it by feeling the middle of your chest with one hand. The location of the tie bar is also dubbed as “the sweet spot” – right below the third button of your dress shirt.




The custom tie bar traditionally came in gold and silver colors, with gold used to make the tie bar stand out while silver is used for easy matching with any kind of tie. Now, these custom metal accessories can come in shades of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, matte black, and even colorful enamel. 


MetalX Custom lets you choose from any of these shades and sizes and allows you to further customize your tie bar with unique logos and engraving. Contact us for high quality custom made tie bars and other custom metal accessories!