Metal Pilot Wings: 3 Facts You Never Knew About

Metal pilot wings or commonly referred to as aviation wings are worn by aircrew who have completed their required training and testing in aviation and are now qualified. These badges serve as reminders of their accomplishments and professional achievements. These personalized pilot wings pins are gifts for the aircrew, especially the pilots, who work hard to become qualified, competent, and skillful so they may pass their training.

Metal pilot wings worth is starting to be recognized by businesses that operate in a wide range of sectors and industries. These kinds of pins are widely utilized by businesses as a way to recognize and honor its employees. This is as a result of the achievements that the badges represent. Using this helpful tutorial, add metal pilot wings to your crew’s uniforms to raise staff morale and brand exposure.

3 Facts You Never Knew When You Have Your Own Metal Pilot Wings


The intricate degree, which is comparable to that of embroidery, will put extra strain on the creative mind. The adage “less is more” may be overused, but the designs of the most effective metal pilot wings are simple, clean, and feature only a few carefully chosen elements to stand out. Metal pilot wings that exhibit clarity and simplicity in design, along with a few special elements drawn from your company logo to make it stand out, are the most effective. To appear more professional, it is best to keep everything basic and organized. If you include too many details, it will just become overly complicated and might not be able to adequately represent your business. Your brand’s logo must be distinct and simple to recognize. If your company name is lengthy, we advise utilizing an abbreviation or only the logo to make things simpler.


Companies in different areas and industries are beginning to acknowledge the use of pilot wings. Businesses also utilize this kind of pin to reward their staff because these badges stand for achievement. Like how MetalX collaborated with McDonald’s Australia. They had these unique pilot wings badges made for their staff, who have likely completed their training. They chose to create metal pilot wings for their team despite being in the food industry. Custom metal pilot wings provide a sense of strength, authority, and professionalism when worn with your business outfit because of their history as Aviator Badges for individuals who completed a certain training in military flying. Custom aviator badges, which were formerly used only by the military, are now widely employed by the commercial airline sector as well as other industries. You won’t miss the airline cabin crew when they pass by sporting a dapper expression from their pilot wings pin. Any uniform will look great with custom metal pilot wings because they are so understated. They will distinguish the uniforms on your team as a distinctive and eye-catching accessory.


Having custom metal pilot wings can give you a sense of dignity whether you put it on your jacket or on your cap. Having custom metal pilot wings on your cap and on your jacket can give you more of a professional look. Additionally, your customized pilot wings should perfectly match your attire, which means they should be facing ahead and not sagging down. The locking mechanism at the back of the pins, in particular, needs to be made of the highest quality materials. You can use a magnet or a butterfly pin, depending on your uniform. Your pilot wing may be pointing slightly downward if both of your wings are excessively hefty. It is advised to stick with straightforward patterns in order to avoid making them hefty.

WHY MetalX?

Metal pilot wings are the perfect accent to add a touch of elegance to any look. They are an attention-grabbing, one-of-a-kind highlight piece that will make your team’s clothes stand out. And what better way to increase consumer awareness of your business than to do it in the Top Gun fashion? A set of customized metal pilot wings bearing your company’s logo is a gift that should not be disregarded. These wings will convey a powerful message about the strength and authority of your company. Rather than only serving as a token of membership in the aviation industry, metal pilot wings have developed into something much more significant. For a lot of people, it has developed into a metaphor for achievement and success. People have started creating their own pilot wings by employing their ideas. If you’re thinking about getting your very own badge, whether it’s for you, your group, or a close friend, MetalX is here to help you with the creation of an original piece.

MetalX has been providing custom pilot wings of the finest caliber to numerous airlines and other companies. In addition, we make custom cufflinks, custom tie bars, custom lapel pins, and custom tie clips. Send us your design, concept, or brief, and we’ll start to work turning your concepts into a usable product right away. Do not hesitate to contact us.