Wing It in Style with Custom Pilot Wings

Pilot wings, compared to simple lapel pins, could hold so much more value since they are usually a symbol of hard work and achievement to pilots who have earned their licenses. When they have reached a certain level of proficiency and excellence, pilots receive their very own aviation wing to celebrate their outstanding achievement in their field.

The recommended design for the pilot wing is usually the classic sleek look, using gold or silver matched with the airline’s logo in the middle. However these days, customizing a pilot wing has gone far from simple designs to a more advanced look while still conveying authority and professionalism. Different metal styles can be chosen such as antique, matte, in gold, silver, nickel and so much more finishes.

Pilot wings are not only for pilots, but also to the whole airline team, such as the cabin crew members. These wings would certainly add a unique and classic accent to their uniforms, while increasing the brand image to the public since passengers will surely notice the pilot wings.

Wing in Style with Custom Pilot Wings

Working with a team of experts who can easily create clean, sharp custom pilot wings may be your best option if you’re unsure of your design. With just your brand’s logo and colors, you have a number of options to choose from to satisfy your needs and taste.